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 Origin Performance Whey Protein Powder Shake Review:-

Origin Performance Whey is a whey protein isolate supplement. Origin Performance Whey goes clear of the normal protein shake by a extended shot. Whey protein is the most popular milk protein in the gym industry. It is highly present in the water strained from milk to make butter.  The product being an isolate, it offers protein free of lactose, low carbohydrates or fats and other nutrients of milk in each serving. It contains the purest form of protein in which 90% of proteins are present in one scoop. Origin Performance Whey Protein Powder Shake Review”.

There are other two types of protein supplements other than isolates; these are protein concentrates and hydrolysates. Protein concentrate supplements contain less percentage of protein and are slowly digested in the body. On the other hand, whey isolates are known for its fast digestion property and simple for the GI tract for its metabolism.

The hydrolysates proteins are a pre-digested form of protein that contains 80-90% of protein content. It has a VIP route in the body for digestion. The people with stomach issues are recommended to take such supplements. “Origin Performance Whey Protein Powder Shake Review”.

When to take Origin Performance Whey?

As performance whey provides no carbohydrates and fats, its supplementation ability is massively diverse. In this sense, origin performance whey can be added to every meal to meet the higher proportion of protein macro. Origin Performance Whey Protein Powder Shake Review”.

Origin performance is an isolate and has a greater percentage of protein, so it works best post workout, between 30 minutes to 1 hour in case of an insulin spike. There is an increased muscle growth in this time period.

Protein supplements have 100% effectiveness in case of building muscles than the real food e eats.

How Performance Whey Tastes?

As compared to all other protein supplements, origin performance whey tastes delicious. It is highly marketed in both chocolate and vanilla flavors which are amazing to taste.

The consistency of origin performance why is comparatively lighter than other why isolates. To get added fats and carbohydrates, it can also be combined with milk, which enhances the taste of the shake. “Origin Performance Whey Protein Powder Shake Review”.

Dosage and labels of whey origin

  • Origin performance whey contains 25 grams of high-quality whey protein isolate per serving.
  • It provides 3 grams of carbohydrates plus 1 gram of fat in a chocolate flavor. On the other hand, the vanilla flavor of whey isolate contains 1 gram of carbohydrates and half a gram of fats.
  • On the whole, this protein supplement provides 28 servings per product at a decent price. “Origin Performance Whey Protein Powder Shake Review”.

Conclusion on Origin Performance Whey

Overall it’s an amazing whey protein supplement. It’s good in taste, available in chocolate and vanilla flavor. It offers a low content of carbs and fats at an affordable price.

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