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Nervous System Function And Disease:

Nervous system is called the monarchy of the body, there will be no exaggeration, because this system also includes the brain. If this system suffers from a disease or disorder, it becomes difficult to control it. Read our further slides for more information related to the nervous system. Nervous System, Organs, Functions, And Disease

The nervous system controls different organs and whole body formation. Nervous system controls multiple function continuously in muscular construction, gland secretion, cardiac function, metabolism and physiological formation. It contains brain, spinal cord and nervous.

When taking too much stress in physical or mental form, the body uses its energy to deal with it, which is called Flight Response. In this the nervous system gives instruction to leave Adrenaline and Cortisol to Adrenal Gland. “ Nervous System, Organs, Functions, And Disease”

The nervous system is made of brain and spinal cord. Brain and spinal cord are covered with a special type of cover which protects the nervous system.

Brain and spinal cord are made of crores of nerves and cells. Their cells require more energy, glucose and oxygen, so that 15 percent of the body’s total blood is transmitted to the brain. If there is obstruction in reaching the blood till the brain, there may be death due to damage to the brain cell. “ Nervous System, Organs, Functions, And Disease”

he spinal cord comes in the shape of cylindrical and finger-shaped size. Out of this 62 nerves arise. With the help of these nerves, we can experience the touch of various types of skin. Nervous System, Organs, Functions, And Disease”

Anything we see through the nervous system. As soon as it feels hot, pull that limb, shock at some sound, save yourself from danger, etc. “ Nervous System, Organs, Functions, And Disease”

In the same way there are other nerves, which make our body feel like other types of reactions such as pain, itching or feeling of touching someone etc. Our body will not be able to realize these dangers due to some disturbances in these nerves.

Brain weighs around 1200 grams. A substance emerges from between the brain and the spinal cord, which contain substances such as minerals, water, salts, glucose, plasma and protein. This substance provides moisture and nutrition to the brain and spinal cord. “ Nervous System, Organs, Functions, And Disease”

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