Role Of Teacher In Student Life Classroom Society


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Role of Teacher in Students Life, Classroom & Society

Teachers hold a sacred position above god in a student’s life. They are the second source of knowledge for a kid. Teaching profession is a huge responsibility than a job. It has a great impact of student’s life.  The future of a student depends on the education imparted by the teachers. The following sections will discuss about the roles of teacher in students life, classroom and society.

Teacher’s role in student life:

  • Teacher is a role model for a student after parents. They mold the student as clay that determines their behavior, attitude and thinking.
  • Teachers encourage the students to adopt a disciplined life, to be an active participant in welfare programs, sports, tutoring etc.
  • Students get highly inspired by teachers following them blindly. This is the reason teachers are abided by certain rules and in discipline. They should avoid fear, anxiety and over excitement. They should maintain calm and composed behavior in front of students.
  • They should propagate equality among students. Role of Teacher in Students Life, Classroom & Society”.
  • They should lend their ears to every student of the class and cooperate with their innocent mischievous acts.
  • Teachers should be dedicated, honest, affectionate and patient towards students.

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Teacher’s role in the Classroom

  • Teachers should know everything about each student. They should ensure that his/ her students are fine, healthy and active. Role of Teacher in Students Life, Classroom & Society”.
  • He /she should certainly be impartial, and disciplined in the school premises to expect the same form students.
  • Teachers should carry the attitude of reflecting and absorbing knowledge from the students.
  • Teachers should create an atmosphere where learning should not restrict to the textbooks rather it should come from every corner of the world.
  • Teachers should put an effort of making each student a leader, a follower and an admirer.
  • Teachers should use effective and innovative techniques to keep intact the interest of the students.
  • A teacher is a great counselor for students. She has the solution for all the negative mental thoughts of the students.

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Teacher’s role in society:

  • Teacher holds the big responsibility to educate the society and make future generation leaders.
  • Teachers should adapt to change. With the upgrading society, teachers should also change their teaching skill, should well versed with upgraded technology. Role of Teacher in Students Life, Classroom & Society”.
  • Teaching is a profession that comes with n number of struggles, shortcomings, and challenges & frequents test. A teacher should always aim at self development and grow every time with each situation.
  • Teachers should be open to feedbacks. A change in methods strategies should be made with due course of time.

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