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Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date:

The Ashtami of the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month is celebrated in the name of Radhashtami. This year it will be celebrated on September 17, 2018. On the day of Radhashtami devotees revolve around the Ghavar forest situated on the high hills of the rainy season. This day is very lively in rainy days. Various types of cultural events are organized. Celebration begins with religious songs and kirtan. Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date”.

Radhashtami is related to the story, the birth of Radha ji. Radhaji was the daughter of Vrishbhanu Gopa. Radha’s mother’s name was Kirti. In Padmapuraan, Radha is said to be the daughter of King Vrishabhanu. According to this book, when the king was cleaning the land for the yagna, Radha was found as a land girl. The king followed this daughter as her daughter. “Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date”.

Along with that, the story also finds that Lord Vishnu had asked other members of his family to take an Avatar on earth while taking birth in Krishna Avatar, then Vishnu’s wife Lakshmi ji came to Earth as Radha. According to Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Radha was the author of Sri Krishna. But his marriage was concluded with a person named Raman or Raayan. It is said that Radhaji became an adult at the time of his birth. Radha is considered as Krishna’s girlfriend. “Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date”.

On the day of Radhashtami, there is auspiciousness followed by the pure mind. Radhaji’s statue baths with Panchamratha, after bathing, he is made to be made. Establishes a beautiful statue made of gold or any metal made of Radha in Vigrah. In the middle of the night, Lord Radha is worshiped with reverence and devotion. After performing an aarti from sun-lamp, etc., the end is done. In many texts Radha-Krishna is said to worship jointly on Radhashtami. “Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date”.

Accordingly, Radha should first take bath with Panchamrath and make her duly formalized. On this day, 27 trees of leaves and 27 water wells should be collected in the temples. The original peace should be done with milk, yogurt, pure ghee and badra in the end, “Shayamsayam” is anointed with many mind panchamrta with Vedic mantras. According to Narad Purana, the devotees who observe ‘Radhashtami’ know the rare mystery of Braj. The person who performs this fast in a duly attested manner can get rid of all sins. “Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date”.

Radhashtami is celebrated in the form of Janmashtami in Braj and Barasana as a big festival. Even in Vrindavan, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Radha Rani temples of Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, Rawal and Manta are celebrated this day as a festival. In the joy of birth of Radha in the ‘Radha Ballabh Mandir’ of Vrindavan, people of Goswami society woke up in devotion. The premises of the temple is echoed by collective vowels of “Radha belovedi has taken birth, Kunwar teenager has borne”.

Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, india 2019 date:

Radhashtami celebration bersana  on 5 sep 2019

The turmeric mixed curd is collected in the temples built in the temple and this turmeric curd is blown on to the Goswamiis. On this, he starts to dance more and starts dancing. After the shutdown of the temple for the enjoyment of Rādhaji, congratulations are done for singing. After this, the darshan starts as the Darshan opens. It ends after Aarti. “Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date”.

In the Vedas and Puranas, Rashaji has been praised by saying ‘Krishna Vallabh’, that is KrishnaPriya. By listening to Radhejnmashtami legend, the devotee becomes happy, wealthy and all-rounder, devotedly recite the Mantra of Lord Radha and recite Moksha. Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Shri Radha ji, while depicting the inevitability of worship, said that if Lord Radha is not worshiped then the devotee also does not have the right to worship Lord Krishna. Shri Radha is believed to be Goddess Devi of Lord Krishna’s life. “Radhashtami Celebration Bersana, India 2018, 2019 Date”.

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