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Indian Traditional Outdoor Game Or Childhood Sport List:

India is most popular for its culture, festivals, foods, and many other things. In this article, we will talk about Indian traditional sport. There are so many games that must have played or seen in your childhood. Indian traditional game basically related to fitness and health. Now a day children like to play video games watching the movie to their free time and for fresh their mind, but in past Indian people hadn’t this kind of gadget and any device . in that period people play their outdoor games like kho-kho, kabaddi, Gilli- Danda, etc etc. Top Indian Traditional Outdoor Game List, childhood Sport List“.

Let’s see some Indian outdoors game and get ready to play with friends.

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KABADDI owns its origin to the Tamil word kai-pidi which means holding the hand. Its play between two teams and each team has seven players. In this game, Players have to go in front of the against team’s area and try and touch one of their players, and making the touched player “out”. both side teams have to do this. To play kabaddi you must know its rule and physically and mentally strong. “Top Indian Traditional Outdoor Game List, childhood Sport List”.

Kho Kho:

The word KHO is related from the Sanskrit verb root syu- which meaning “get up go”. As it sounds, its exactly the same, its play between 12 players, of only nine Player enter in the filed. The most interesting thing in this game, who sit in a straight line with alternate players facing opposite sides. “Top Indian Traditional Outdoor Game List, childhood Sport List”.

Hopscotch or Stapoo:

STAPOO was the most popular game which is mostly played by girls, its basically rectangular shape marked numbered game and its mark in land or ground with chalk. It is played with the small object. player through at the numbered shape of the rectangle and retire the object and jump or hop with one or two legs. “Top Indian Traditional Outdoor Game List, childhood Sport List”.

Gilli Danda:

THE GILLI DANDA very similar to cricket and baseball . its made by a long piece of wood and called DANDA and a small piece of wood ant that is called GILLI. In this game has no team each player have to make their own points to win or lead the game. “Top Indian Traditional Outdoor Game List, childhood Sport List”.

Chhupam Chhupai or Hide-n-Seek:

Hide-n-seek is the most popular game in children, in this no need of any types of team. A lot of children or some children can play. In this game players hide themselves in a marked area, to be found by one or more seekers. Seeker has to close his/ her eyes and count till a certain number, while the other players hide. “Top Indian Traditional Outdoor Game List, childhood Sport List”.

Khusti or Wrestling:

Kushti is the form of wrestling from south Asia, in village its competition usually called “Dangle”, Girls were not allowed to play it for so many years ago only boys or male player were allowed to play it but now both can play it. Players of it called by “Pehlwan” and they are very famous for their Diet. To play this game we must know its rules and technique, Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwer, Babita Kumari they all are Indian’s proud in Wrestling. “Top Indian Traditional Outdoor Game List, childhood Sport List”.

Lagori. Langdi, Kanchha, these all are Forgotten Indian Childhood Games That Need to Be Revived Before They Are Lost Forever:

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