India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List

Mind Blowing India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List Everyone Must Try

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What is street food?

Street foods are basically a kind of snack which are easily available in the cities small market and every corner of each street, all foodies always love this. People love to have it with their loved ones. The street food is mouth watering and finger licking good. Street food is available at the nook and corner of every street and sometimes people line up for their favorite meal and can wait for hours for the same. “India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List”.

Here are some interesting, yummiest and finger licking a street food which is famous in big cities of India; you will not wait for more than a minute to eat this food.

India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List Everyone Must Try:



Delhi is known for its amazing food culture. One can officially call it the food capital of India. There is a famous PARATHA STREET which is generally known as the PARATHE WALI GALI at chandni chowk, Old Delhi. There are so many shops and dhabhas that only serve humongous variety of mouthwatering parathas like aaloo paratha, paneer paratha, cauliflower paratha etc. Green chilli paratha is the most famous one of this place and also they organize various competitions to finish of their parathas in one go and win some reward. India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List.

Best Beautiful Hill Station In India


Bhel puri

Distance of between 5 to 10 walking minutes you can get yummiest, tasty street food in Mumbai. You would love to eat Pavbhaji, Vadapav, Kebabs, Panipuri and all. But Mumbai’s is specifically known for its Bhelpuri. Bhelpuri is one of the most common all-day snacks. A crunchy, cold, sweet-and-sour mix of puffed rice, sev, chopped onion and potato, and tamarind chutney. People love to take it in the evening at Juhu, Choupati beach with their friends. Mostly girls like to eat Mumbai Special BHELPURI. India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List.



This is the most famous street food of Kolkata and north India. This is little bites full fill with sour and sweet water with spice and with some boiled aloo, channa and onion. In Kolkata, there is this special place that is famous for serving 17 VARITIES OF PUCHKAS. It is also known as PANI PURI, GOL GAPPAS etc. It is small and sour blasts in your mouth of yummy Puchkas. People line up to eat puckas from puchkawala bhaiya. India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List.


Atho Man

Atho man

Among the street food of Chennai, Atho man is the most popular street food. Originally Atho man is Burmese dish. It has become most popular in Chennai. Atho Man is a plain orange colored noodles dish mixed and served with fresh raw Green vegetables. You can able to see small stalls in every corner of the streets of Chennai selling Atho Man, and people are waiting and lining up to buy a plate of ATHOMAN. India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List.

Vada Pav

vada pav


Dahi Pur

Dahi puri

With all these sumptuous street foods, India has the most interesting cities that foodies and explorers will love. Let us know what’s the best thing you have eaten on the buzzing streets of India! India’s Most Famous Street Food Recipes List.

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