Gota Satish Kumar Prosthetic Leg Bike record

Disabled With Prosthetic Leg Bike Rider Sets World Record In India – Gota Satish Kumar, Odisha

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Gota Satish Kumar creating history by traveling solo around bike ride 50k KM the country with prosthetic legs:

Today I am talking about a most inspirational person in our India who motivated so many people. He is the live example of “never give up in any condition”. He is proof it if we have willpower we can do anything. Now we introduce Mr. Gota Satish Kumar he traveled 50,000km on his bullet bike. You are thinking it’s not a big deal it’s like a common thing. But I promise you can’t believe that fact what he’s done. Now I tell you the full story of Gota Satish Kumar from Odisha, a 35 Year old Travelled 50K Km solo ride after losing both legs in Train Accident with prosthetic legs

gota satish kumar

Now I tell you about the whole story of Satish Kumar, Mr. Gota Satish Kumar from the Odisha State of India he is 35 years old. He loved to travel on a bike. He was a sportsperson, he used to play cricket. When he pursuing his MBA. He took a few days off from institute to travel home. Visakhapatnam to Korba by Express on that day the accident on the railway station and he lost both legs. The incident changed his life forever. This accident sent him into depression. He completed his MBA on a wheelchair.  After MBA he started a travel consultancy firm. Before the accident, he had lots of dreams to travel. Satish contemplated the idea of giving up. But one day, all this changed; he read a report on a teenage suicide over an utterly insignificant issue. This was a turning point in his life. He decided to help himself and complete own dreams. When the idea of prosthetic legs dawned upon him. “Disabled With Prosthetic Leg Bike Rider Sets World Record In India – Gota Satish Kumar, Odisha”

gota satish kumar

He planned for solo ride

He started his effort by leaning scooty, and slowly after some days graduated to learning how to ride a bike. After he trained in ride bike he starts his journey 2nd of September from Odisha. Satish wants to create history by carving out a place for himself in the Guinness and Limca books of world records. And he proves himself. He completes his 16,000KM. He set a record as a solo bike rider in the physically challenged category in both the Guinness and the Limca books of records.  He was doesn’t want to stop there. Now his aims are completing 50,000 km on his bike, and earning a record in the general category as well. He completes his journey in Raigarh, where he starts his journey. Gota Satish Kumar Lost legs but he completed his dreams by travelling solo around bike ride & set a record with prosthetic legs:

Satish has received full support Emotional & financial from his family and friends. And the one more good news is Tollywood actor Pawan Kalyan. Who has sponsored Satish’s trip with Rs 5 lakh. The all India Rider’s club is also helping Satish along the way.

gota satish kumar

“Ability and disability are just human perceptions. If I can do it, anyone can,” says by satish kumar

So this is Mr. Satish Kumar motivated Story I hope you like it so don’t give up at any cost just think about you can do anything what you want. Belive in one thought “There’s a will there’s a way

“Disabled With Prosthetic Leg Bike Rider Sets World Record In India – Gota Satish Kumar, Odisha”.

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